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Common Sports Betting Mistakes Newbies Should Avoid – Tips You Need

There are certain industries where people go broke just because they do some silly mistakes, gambling is one of them. It’s perfectly fine to take risks but there is a fine line between taking risks and committing mistakes that have been preying for innocent newbies since ages.

Sports betting has seen a huge growth and a lot of newbies enter this world hoping to win big amounts and make insane profits. Well, you can do it if your strategy and knowledge is good enough. You can start betting on sports online on these sites.

But, wait! Don’t rush. First, you need to know these common sports betting mistakes that have been committed millions of times by the newbies.

Rookies Sports Betting Mistakes to Avoid

sports betting mistakes

1. Putting your heart over head

One of the greatest reasons for gambler’s regret. People let emotions decide and forget about the numbers and other strategies and this reason is more than enough to take anyone from riches to rags.

Avoid it at any cost. We’re not advising you to ignore gut feeling, consider it but considering it only and neglecting the head’s advice is dangerous and you will experience it if you continue doing this thing.

2. Believing the Hype

Perhaps you don’t know that hypes sometimes may be created by big players in the game to crate such situations. What’s the guarantee that the social media comments you have seen are going to prove right? Trend is not always in the right direction and it has happened several times.

Be very well aware of this hype thing, it can make you into believing the false events which may never come.

3. Head-to-Head History

Whether you are trading in the Forex market or betting on sports, history plays a major role and here we are not talking about the general history of a team or player, it’s head-to-head history.

There have been some teams and players who have a phenomenal record as a whole but if you look closely into their records against each team, then you will notice a trend among certain matches against the same team.

Let’s say “X” is a great boxing player and hardly loses but there is a player “B” against whom “A” can’t perform properly. It might be a case of mindset or just a difference in ability.

The tip we want to give all the tipsters here is always see what are the teams participating and what their head-to-head history looks like.

4. Not Going Through Terms & Conditions

If you have ever tried playing at an online casino or tried betting on sports online, then you have come across a terms called “Welcome Bonus”. You might have seen promotional offers like “100% Match Bonus”.

Well, it’s an incomplete statement. There is no sportsbook or online casino that has no terms and conditions attached to those promotional offers.

You will get the bonus for sure (if you play at a trusted betting site), but there are certain conditions attached which varies from website to website.

Don’t think that you will get the welcome bonus, win $$$, withdraw money and leave. This is not going to happen as there are certain wagering requirements and conditions as well.

Our advice for you in this case is to go through all the terms and conditions attached to anything you are about to get into. It may consume a little bit of your time but it’s better than losing all of your money.

5. Losing Patience

Patience is the key. Whether you are about to begin your entrepreneurial life or betting on some sports online, patience is the key.

6. Always Backing the Favorite

It’s good and natural to support your favorite team/player but just think for once that if you lose, then will your player pay all the money you have lost? No! Don’t get emotional, and consider the paper.

Research is always a headache but this little headache can give you great benefits. Do some research about the team/players before placing your bet.


At the end, we would like to sum all of this and advice you to have the patience, listen to your head, consider the history and statistics, do you research, don’t just blindly follow the hype and become a victim of some useless promotional offer. It’s your bet, place it wisely. Just don’t do these little yet harmful sports betting mistakes. These might be very basic sports betting tips but they are worth and you should know the basics first.